Osmos Academy has a mission to bring emerging technology to the wider community, creating projects of positive impact


One of Osmos Academy's projects is VR Passport. The project, which launched earlier this year, brings virtual reality experiences to kids in hospitals as a way for them to escape their environment, learn about new technologies, and be entertained.

Amazing. Very well organized and the people I met were extremely competent and generous of their time. I have learned a lot while having fun and meeting new interesting people. I really recommend this experience to everyone who is curious to learn new technologies.
— Iris, Community Member
At Osmos Academy, I keep in contact with people that work in specifics fields, people that love working with technology and also love to share knowledge. It wakes up my curiosity about different uses of tech.
— Gabriel, Community Member
I spent an evening in this alternate universe where everything was awesome with sparkling rainbows and hugs all around, where people were the coolest ever while making the world a better place. I think I’ll stick around.
— Roberta, Community Member